What Type of Maintenance is Needed for Limousine Services in Atlanta, GA?

Limousines are a popular choice for special occasions, such as proms, weddings, and corporate events. In Atlanta, GA, limousine services are regulated by the state Department of Public Safety to ensure the safety of passengers. The state requires that all limousines used by chauffeurs must be marked with either a LCMV (Light Commercial Motor Vehicle) or CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) marking. LCMV markings indicate that the vehicle has a capacity of eight passengers or less, while CMV markings indicate that the vehicle can accommodate more than eight passengers, including the driver. May's Limousine Service is one of the leading limousine services in the Atlanta area.

Founded in 1993 by William Ossei, May's Limousine Service provides affordable leisure limousine rental services in and around Atlanta. The company has an operator on call 24 hours a day to handle reservation requests, along with an advanced technology platform for customers who want to make reservations online. To ensure that their vehicles are safe and reliable, May's Limousine Service performs regular maintenance checks on all their vehicles. This includes checking the brakes, tires, lights, and other components to make sure they are in good working order. The company also inspects the interior of the vehicles to ensure that they are clean and comfortable for passengers. The state Department of Public Safety also conducts regular inspections of limousine services in its database.

Johnny Jones said that the department began reinforcing inspections last July and increased inspections again in January of this year. If a company does not appear in its limousine database or in its bus operations database, then it has no right to conduct limousine or bus operations in Georgia. The state Department of Public Safety advises customers to be especially careful when hiring limousine services during this time of year when high school proms are in full swing. So, if you're looking for an environmentally friendly limousine service in Atlanta, contact Atlantic Limo.

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